The auditions for next season’s plays will take place on Sunday 7th July from 7pm at Mayer Hall, Bebington, CH63 7PL. (Mayer Hall is opposite the main entrance to the Bebington Civic Centre, and next door to the Rose & Crown pub).
The auditions are open to everyone, but if cast you will be required to join Bebington Dramatic Society.


Hangmen by Martin McDonagh
Director Gareth Jones

In a small, gloomy pub in Oldham in the mid-60’s, Harry wade is something of a local celebrity. But what’s the second-best hangman in England to do on the day that they abolished the death penalty?

Amongst the journalists, motley crew of pub regulars, and his enervating former deputy Sid, all eager to hear his reaction to the news, a peculiarly menacing young stranger lurks with a very different motive for his visit…

Please note : This play contains strong language



Harry (50’s) A hangman, turned pub landlord. Strong, leading character. He has a bit of a temper. He is a very proud man and always smartly dressed.

Alice (40’s – 50’s) Harry’s wife. Long suffering but she can hold her own.

Syd (30-50) Harry’s assistant. Has a stutter when he gets anxious. Comic character but needs to be believable.

Mooney (20’s) London accent. He is a bit cocky and likes to wind people up. He is also someone who would attract the ladies. Gets hanged on stage. (Behind a curtain!)

Bill (40 – 60 ) One of the regular customers in the bar.*

Charlie (40 – 60 ) One of the regular customers in the bar.*

Arthur (65 +) Older regular customer, is hard or hearing 
and often misunderstands.*
* It is fair to say that part of the reason these men frequent this particular pub is because it is run by an ex hangman.

Clegg (20’s) Baby-faced newspaper reporter.

Inspector Fry (40’s – 60’s) Police Inspector who is also a regular customer at the pub.

Shirley (teenager) is suggested she is well built and not all that bright. She appears throughout Act 1 and at the very end of Act 2.

Hennessy (20’s) prisoner who is hanged in the first scene. He is in prison. Requires a solid performance. London accent.

Pierrepoint (60 +) The famous hangman. He has to be someone with a strong performance that can make an impact. He only appears in the final scene.

Doctor A prison doctor. Has a few lines in Scene 1.

Governor The prison Governor. Has a few lines in Scene 1.
Guards Two Prison guards, they appear in scene 1. None speaking.



Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton
Director David Oliver

A famous thriller set in the Victorian era. Mr Manningham is slowly trying to drive his wife, Bella, mad. He has a criminal past which is unknown to his wife. Just as she is on the point of despair, she is visited by Detective Sergeant Rough, who has been on Manningham’s trail for 20 years. He has been using the maid Nancy’s boyfriend as an informant, and after enlisting the help of the housekeeper, Elizabeth, he manages to convince Bella to go along with his scheme to snare Manningham once and for all.

All ages are reasonably flexible



Mrs Manningham (Bella) 30-40’s. She was an attractive woman, but now she has a pale, and frightened air, though at times her old character breaks through. A strong woman who reaches inside herself to break free and triumph. 
This is a major part as she is onstage for most of the play.

Mr Manningham 35-50’s. Strong character. His manner is suave, authoritative, cruel, with a touch of mystery and bitterness. A charming, yet menacing man. This is a major part and needs a strong actor.

Inspector Rough : 50 – 60’s Detective. A friendly middle-aged man, Inspector Rough comes to the aid of Mrs. Manningham by revealing secrets and mysteries of years past. He, too, has an air of secrecy about him, as he puts the pieces together of the Manningham puzzle. This is also a major part in the play.

Elizabeth : 50 – 70 An amiable, devoted, housekeeper. This is a nice, smaller character role.

Nancy : A cheeky maid in her 20’s or 30’s, who is having an affair with Manningham, but her boyfriend works for Rough, and he passes on the info she gives him.

EXTRAS: one or two English Bobbies (police). No lines. Brief.



The Vicar of Dibley by Richard Curtis & Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director Betty Oliver

This adaptation by Ian Gower & Paul Carpenter is taken mainly from series 1 and 2. It starts with the Geraldine’s arrival in Dibley, and ends with the wedding of Hugo and Alice. (Complete with Teletubbies!) 
It’s a good adaptation and will be (hopefully) a very popular production.

All the ages listed can be flexible.



Rev Geraldine Granger 
This character speaks for herself. The incoming vicar, bright, resourceful, bubbly, enthusiastic and an absolute peach of a part for a comic actress! Age 40’s

David Horton 
Councillor David Horton. MBE. Chairman of the Parish Council, Gentleman Farmer, District Councillor for Dibley and Whitworth. A pillar of the community, he is used to getting his own way, and controlled the Council without any opposition until Geraldine’s arrival. Age 50 +

Alice Tinker 
The verger at the church. Blonde and dippy, (Geraldine once described her as having “the intellectual capacity and charisma of a cactus”). In love with Hugo Horton. Age 25-35

Hugo Horton
David’s sweet-natured, friendly yet dim-witted and childlike son. Privileged, Innocent, gullible, with poor fashion sense. Age 20’s/30’s

Frank Pickle 
The likable but boring and pedantic secretary of the parish council. He is so boring that nobody listens to him. Age 40 +

Jim Trott 
A parish council member who has an idiosyncratic way of prefacing “no-no-no-no-no” to almost everything he says, in particular “yes”. Age 40 +

Owen Newitt 
A local farmer and a parish council member with a very earthy manner, and about as agricultural as they come, basic, speaks his mind. He lives alone at the farm with his animals, and is famous for displaying extremely poor personal hygiene, compounded by chronic problems with his stomach and bowels. Age 35 +

Letitia Cropley 
A Parish Council member and the Dibley church organist. David Horton calls her “The Dibley Poisoner” as she is the creator of such revolting “delicacies” as marmite cake, orange cake with Branston Pickle icing, parsnip brownies and chocolate spread sandwiches made with fish roe. Age 50 +