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Katherine Howard by William Nicholson

1st to 4th March 2017

Katherine HowardFollowing BDS’ very successful production of Anne Boleyn in 2013, this production focuses on another of Henry VIII's wives. Nicholson's play takes a slice of Tudor history and turns it into pure theatrical magic.

Desperately unhappy in his marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, Henry’s attention is drawn to the young niece of his trusted adviser Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk – the vivacious young courtier Katherine Howard. While their growing relationship shows promise of real affection, and a chance of happiness for the ageing King, behind the scenes in this treacherous court things are more unsettled. With the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer,planting poisonous seeds of doubt in Henry’s mind in order to advance his own career, and even the Duke of Norfolk beginning to doubt the wisdom of the liaison, no-one is safe...

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