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 16th to 19th November 2016 - Comic Potential by Alan Ayckbourn


Alan Ayckbourn's fabulous sci-fi comedy, which was a huge hit in both the London and on Broadway, is set in a TV studio in the not too distant future when everything has changed except human nature; a future where TV daytime soaps are performed by android actors emotionally programmed by the control room. One, JC 31333, finds herself humanized as Jacie Triplethree, complete with a sense of humour and Adam, a young scriptwriter, falls for her..

Drawing on many comic influences, from Pygmalion through to the silent comedy of Buster Keaton, with trips, double takes and even a custard pie routine, Comic Potential is one of the funniest and most inventive plays by Alan Ayckbourn, Britain’s grandmaster of comedy.

The original London production starred Janie Dee and David Soul, and 

Janie Dee won an Olivier Best Actress award for playing Jacie. 


The Gladstone Theatre where we have staged all our productions since 2001 

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