NODA review from 2008

Bebington has always chosen an interesting selection of plays and has continued this with Christopher Hampton’s translation of Yami Reza’s hit comedy. This international success, running for seven years in the West End, is performed in one continuous series of sections with many of the sections being monologues with the protagonists often directly addressing the audience.

The story-line follows the reactions and interactions of three friends when one of them pays a large sum for an almost totally white painting. While the dialogue is constantly amusing, along the way it brings up questions about the meaning of modern art, and, above all the nature of friendship.

With very little movement and many monologues the actors need to be on top form to maintain audience interest and the three actors here achieved this admirably.

Joe McKeown as the sceptic Marc, David Crosby as the pretentious Serge, and William O’Neill as the failure, Yvan with their well-differentiated characters all ensured that every nuance of the story-line was followed and the humour was well pointed. Yvan’s self pitying hysterical monologue was a highspot.

For once a comedy which left us with questions as well as a real sense of enjoyment.