Brassed Off

NODA review from 2008

I think Brassed Off is one of the most popular plays around at the moment always playing to full houses, as did Bebington’s production.

I have never seen tis play without an excellent brass band, and this production was no exception with the Port Sunlight Lyceum Brass Band.

Eric Lewis as Danny played his part with sincerity, which was sustained throughout. Charles Riley, as Phil his son, also gave a good performance., and Pauline Garland as his long suffering wife, Sandra, with four children, no money and a husband who put his music before everything else, had everyone’s sympathy right from the start.

The empty pram was rather off-putting, however. There are some good baby dolls on the market, that covered up, would have been more realistic.

Paul Logan played Shane, their eldest son, who was rather tall for the part, but his acting ability soon had us forgetting his height. All the other parts were well cast, each one bringing their own character to life.

The Gladstone stage is rather small for all these people but the director made good use of the theatre auditorium when the band marched from town to town in the various competitions. The choice of music was particularly good. Thank you for a very entertaining night.

David Oliver was nominated  in the best director category at the Noda North West Awards in 2009.