Crown Matrimonial

From the Wirral Champion March 2012

Bebington Dramatic Society put on Crown Matrimonial, a gripping realisation of Queen Mary and the son she called David, at the time of his choosing the woman he loved, and wished to marry, thus giving up the crown and abdicating. We all know the story, and Mrs Simpson does not appear.

The roles of the royals were well cast, and June Butler’s direction led to a disciplined and well rehearsed performance. Jill Breckon made a splendid queen Mary, well dressed, and though less statuesque than the real one gave a stunning performance.

The set was not quite grand enough for Marlborough House, though chairs and swagged pelmets helped, plus impressive double doors. As they could not raid the Leverhulme collection, the vast number of treasures, (not there in Act 2) had to be imagined.

Michael Hetherington is an accomplished actor, still young and able to play an elegant and well spoken gentleman with a certain style. Once or twice I would have preferred older pronounciations eg ‘britches’ not breeches as written. I was hugely impressed with the sincerity of his acting and emotional reations. In the second half when he realises there is no place for him in England, he was superb! All the cast in character, costumes flattering, and splendid techincial back up. Four star!