Fawlty Towers – 13th to 16th June 2012

Basil Fawlty David Oliver
Sybil Fawlty Mari Hughes-Edwards
Polly Katy Ashton
Manuel Brian Sumner
Major Gowen Eric Lewis
Miss Tibbs Christine Leith
Miss Gatsby Pip Lewis
 A Touch of Class
Lord Melbury John Lee
Danny Brown Richard Cugley
Sir Richard Morris Gareth Jones
Mr Wareing Joe McKeown
Mrs McKenzie Joan Laycock
The Hotel Inspectors
Mr Hutchinson Joe McKeown
Mr Walt John Lee
1st Hotel Inspector Joan Laycock
2nd Hotel Inspector Richard Cugley
3rd Hotel Inspector Gareth Jones
Communication Problems  
Mrs Richards Joan Laycock
Mr Thurston Gareth Jones
Mr Firkin Richard Cugley
Mr Mackintosh Joe McKeown
Terry Gareth Jones
Mr Kerr John Lee
Director Betty Oliver
Assisted by Marie Shepard
Stage Manager Alan Shone
ASM Tony Heath
Props Joan Mason
Christine Leith
Lights Jane Hamlet
Sound David Crosby