Hay Fever

NODA North West News September 2009

From the moment Simon Bliss (played by Graham Breckon) appeared on the open set, the mood was created for this famous Noel Coward play, and what a good evening of entertainment we were given.

Judith Small played the character of Judith Bliss to perfection, and she was well supported by other members of the Bliss family. Brian Sumner playing her husband David, Lorna Wylie as her daughter Sorel, and Graham Breckon as her son Simon.

The visitors to the house were equally well cast, Hayley Crawshaw (Jackie) and Mari Hughes-Edwards (Myra) playing the ladies, with Les Ebbrell (Sandy) and Michael Hetherington (Richard) as the male visitors, while Betty Oliver created a lovely character as Clara the housekeeper.

Every member of this talented cast contributed to a very enjoyable evening as we watched them portray the changing relationships within the Bliss household.

The costumes were well chosen, as were the props and lovely set. All were just right for the period. Thank you for your hospitality and a lovely evening.