Ladies Day

NODA review from 2008

This undemanding play charted, in episodic fashion, the adventures of four ladies who, from their repetitive work in a fish factory in Hull, decide to have a special day out at a York racecourse in 2005 when Royal Ascot made a temporary move there.

A series of serendipitous events leads to their entry into the enclosure where they meet a variety of men who, in different ways, affect their lives, before going through the card that lands a massive win.

There were good performances from the four major players : Joan Mason as Jan, Betty Oliver as Shelley, Paula Condliffe as Linda and, particularly, Ann Welsby as Pearl. Good support was given by the dependable team of David Oliver, Nick Sample and Neil Horn, and I liked the jockey, Patrick, of Graham Breckon.

The set team, gave us a fine set and backcloth for the race scenes, and the large audience on opening night obviously enjoyed themselves.