The Importance Of Being Earnest

NODA review from 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest is one of Oscar Wilde’s best known plays and, under June Butler’s direction, Bebington Dramatic Society created the relevant Victorian atmosphere.

the set was simple, but it worked well. There was a clever linking of the colour scheme with that of the costumes which made it pleasing to the eye.

The eligible young gentlemen were played by Les Ebbrell (John Worthing) and Jonathan McGrath (Algernon Montcrieff). They worked well together as did their ladies, Hayley Crawshaw (Gwendolen Fairfax) and Jane Hamlet as a very sweet Cecily Cardew. I must commend Hayley on her wonderful posture, She really did look as if she were wearing the tight corsets of the era.

Julie Khayati obviously enjoyed her role as Lady Bracknell, becoming the dominant figure as befits this role.

Betty Oliver (Miss Prism) and David Oliver (Canon Chasuble) showed a lovely feel for the comedy. Gary Kennaugh (Lane) and Graham Breckon ( Merriman) portrayed all the qualities of a Victorian manservant.

The audience enjoyed the evening’s entertainment, although I did feel that the two intervals were a little long; perhaps cutting five minutes off each might have been better.

Thanks you to everyone involved in this production.