The Madness of George III

NODA review from 2007

Bebington Dramatic Society always put on plays of a high standard and this play by Alan Bennett was no exception.

The set was very simple, but very effective and the music and lighting complimented the various moods of the play. The costumes were really outstanding.

Queen Charlotte, played by Lynette Clement, wore the most beautiful dresses and jewellery, and Lynette played the part of the Queen with much feeling and grace. Her accent was perfect – a lovely performance.

All the gentlemen were very well cast and each actor played his role convincingly. One thing that impressed was how each actor wore his individual, elaborate costume and wig with such ease that one would think it was their usual, everyday attire. Well done, gentlemen.

The whole cast performed to a very hgh standard but the acting honours must go to Nick Sample who played King George. Nick captured the wide range of moods that is required in this difficult part perfectly. Watching the King go from normal to what was then considered madness in its various stages was very sad and at times very uncomfortable to watch. It could easily have been overplayed but Nick captured each mood perfectly and gave an unforgettable performance. Conratualtions, Nick you were excellent.

Congratulations to everyone concerned on a very enjoyable evening.