Veronica's Room

Wirral Stages review from 2006

Yet again Bebington Dramatic Society deliver the goods. Veronica’s Room with its four spellbinding characters (or should we say six) was intriguing, entertaining and horrific. A gentle, yet unsettling start excellently portrayed by our four characters leads to a “what happens next” interval.

And what a second serving. Confusion, anger, bewilderment and submission- topped off with – (well I wouldn’t like to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it). Suffice to say, a damn good ending – or is it?

A beautifully acted opening with the four characters carefuly folding dustsheets. Poor Sissy, you could actually feel her in the next room. Decision, indecision, decision, well performed by the beautiful Jane Hamlet, ably assisted by William O’ Neill as her unsure boyfriend – the cautious, crafty lawyer. Coercion, confusion and control wonderfully underplayed by David Oliver and Betty Oliver – sweet, smiling, friendly Irish – and who could think ill of the Irish? But why has the door got a bolt on the outside? Jane – get out of there!!! With a gentle breeze blowing the net curtains, and a relaxing jigsaw, our victim is sucked in.

Then the power play of the second act. David and Betty never let you down and this was no exception. What an evil pair of twisted minds, and a tour-de-force performance from Jane Hamlet with her anger, persuasion, panic and submission leaves you drained in your seat. Suble use of lighting and sound create both serenity and menace. All together a fast moving, gutsy thriller, and an excellent night’s entertainment.